Van Boening Double Trouble for Archer

Van Boening Double Trouble for Archer
Reno Open / Reno, NV

by Rick Davis
Shane Van Boening is the new Reno Open champion after coming out on top of the final four in the final day of play. After taking a loss to Johnny Archer earlier in the event Van Boening found himself in the quarterfinals against Edwin Montal, while Archer and Mark Tadd duked it out in the hot seat match.
Archer and Tadd started slow but with the score tied at 3-all Archer stepped on the gas and took the match home 9-3. At the same time on the one-loss side Van Boening was having a tough time with Montal, then with the score at 7-all Montal scratched, allowing Van Boening to run the rack and break and the run the next to take the match 9-7. In the semifinals Van Boening was in high gear not giving Tadd a chance to get started, and in no time it was 9-4 and Van Boening was off to the finals.
Since Archer had sent Van Boening west in the first place, it was bound to be an interesting match, but it was all uphill for Van Boening, who needed to defeat Archer twice. As the score climbed to 7-all Van Boening played an expert safety, leading to a run-out and a break and run in the next rack to give him the opening set.
In the final set, the anticipation was high, and in short order it was the Van Boening show. Rocketing up 3-1 Van Boening quickly extended that to 6-3 before closing out the set 9-3 to take the title away from the only competitor to defeat him during the event.
1st Shane Van Boening $15,000
2nd Johnny Archer $7,500
3rd Mark Tadd $4,225
4th Edwin Montal $3,000