Wu Hits a Gear to Proceed Into Last Eight

Wu Hits a Gear to Proceed Into Last Eight
Wu Chia-ching cruised into the quarter-finals of the 2007 PartyPoker.net World Pool Masters with a stunning 8-1 victory against debutant Tyler Edey.
The Canadian actually won the lag and claimed the opening rack but that was as good as it got for him as the 2005 World Champion turned on the style and produced a fine performance.
In this match, the balls were quite easy, said Wu, I didn’t make a lot of mistakes, just one when I missed on the three-ball.
Even though Tyler Edey finished his opening rack the thing is he missed a few balls so I got the chances to move on and the first few racks advancing into the next round.
I don’t think about winning any titles at this time. I just feel good, especially today, and if I keep going on like this I will have I will be at my full capacity in the tournament.
This was Tyler Edey’s first match in the World Pool Masters and he was a clear underdog as he faced 2005 World Champion Wu Chia-ching.
Edey admitted he was nervous in a pre-match interview but looked composed at the beginning as he won the lag and ran through the opening rack.
However, his advantage did not last long as his opponent then did the same in the second. The first mistake of the match came from Edey in the third when he scratched to give Wu ball in hand and a simple shot at the red three.
Edey then stayed in his seat for the rest of that rack and the next one as Wu sunk a ball on the break and a 5-9 combination saw him quickly move into a 3-1 advantage and looking on course for a quarter-final spot.
That lead grew further as Wu won the fifth rack of the match. Edey pocketed the one off the break but had to play safe when he got to the 4-ball. He left it tight on the bottom rail and it looked safe but Wu produced a fine shot to sink the 4-ball, followed by a class bank on the 5-ball set up another winning position.
Although not doing much wrong, Edey was not getting a look in and he soon fell 5-1 behind as Wu was producing the most impressive performance of the tournament so far and on course to record the biggest victory of this year’s event.
There was controversy in the next rack as a shot from Edey rolled slowly towards the right middle pocket. However, the ball was left hanging over the pocket and Edey unintentionally brushed the pink four with his shirt to give ball-in-hand to Wu.
Unsurprisingly, Wu took full advantage and moved 6-1 in front with a 7-9 combination. The Chinese Taipei player made a rare mistake with a missed shot at the red three, although Edey could not exploit this and Wu did not get a second chance in this rack as the scoreboard ticked over to 7-1.
A missed jump shot from Wu brought the Canadian to the table but he wasted the opportunity of winning his second rack as he lost position going from the 8-ball to the 9-ball. He then made a poor safety and this was his last shot of the match as Wu convinved an 8-1 win.